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Who is she?

Anna Levy, originally from Michigan, created Buddha-Core to help you stay fit and healthy. She moved to NYC in 2016 to pursue her dance career. Breaking into the dance scene of the big city, she became a company member of the world-renown modern dance company Jennifer Muller/The Works and is currently the Assistant Rehearsal Director. 


As a dancer, Anna always had a love for fitness and started teaching group classes at Chaise Fitness before deciding to take her fitness career to the next level.  She received her full equipment and Mat Pilates Certification from the New York Pilates Program in September 2019, after passing her exams and 600 hours of training. Yes, 600. Since then, Anna has been teaching group and private sessions at the New York Pilates studios, until Covid-19 came along. 


Anna then started teaching her friends and family Mat Pilates on Zoom, which eventually led to creating Buddha-Core!  

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