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Buddha-Core Pilates

Buddha-Core is an online Pilates library with over 70 workouts that vary in length from

10, 20, 30 & 40 minutes, with new videos weekly. Each workout targets specific body

parts so you know what your workout looks like before you begin. Whether you are a

Pilates Veteran or virgin, Buddha-Core offers workouts for people of any ability.

Our approach to fitness is personalized and effective. The wide range of videos allows

users to choose their specific goals, whether it is to gain core strength or just move the

body softly and create mobility in the joints. Pilates is an amazing tool to prevent body

pain, improve posture, increase core strength & flexibility and improve the longevity of

your body movement. Classic Pilates exercises focus on strengthening the core and

backline of the body.

Buddha-Core’s founder, Anna Levy, received her full Mat and Equipment Pilates

Certification from New York Pilates. She is also a professional Dancer in New York City.

Because of her background, she has a unique understanding of the body and explains

each movement and the specific muscles working, which in turn, teaches you about

body functions that can be applied to everyday life.

Buddha-Core’s goal is to make Pilates accessible and help people feel confident in a

fun way. Participating in Buddha-Core’s workouts shows results, reduces body pain,

sparks energy and creates a long lasting body. Memberships are only $20 a month, or

as low as $14 when you commit to a year. Single classes are also available to

purchase. Anna is personable and genuine and keeps in touch with all clients for special

requests or just a friendly hello. Join today and create a better you.

IG: @buddha_core

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